A couple weekends ago,  we went for a quick trip to the coast in Somerset. We stayed in the beautiful and very welcoming Swain House in Watchet and had a great mini break. It was the first time in ages we’d been out with our cameras and, though my eyes are feeling a bit outContinue reading “Somerset”

Japan 3 – Higashiyama, Kyoto

Our first day in Kyoto we decided to head to the Higashiyama district to wander a temple or two and enjoy the historical streets. Our hotel was very close to Kyoto Station, but we took the easy option and jumped in a taxi. We’d heard taxis could be quite expensive in Japan, so were happyContinue reading “Japan 3 – Higashiyama, Kyoto”

Japan 2

The second day in Japan was a mix of sightseeing and traveling as we were heading to Kyoto that afternoon. Having made sure our phones were actually on Japan time, we got up at a reasonable hour, checked out of our hotel, and made our way to Harajuku to have a look around. One ofContinue reading “Japan 2”

Japan 1

So, Japan. We had a brilliant time and very easily could have spent much longer (other than, after 16 days, we were exhausted and, of course, missing our Ponzu). I very much expect we will return. It was an unusual trip in many ways, with my being half-Japanese, but never having been to Japan, withContinue reading “Japan 1”

A New (Virtual) Home

When we moved to Singapore, I revamped my website and changed hosts to Zenfolio. Less than a year later, here I am again changing. I’ve moved over to wordpress for the time being and, depending on how I get on with it, may stay for a longer term. As I’d paid for Zenfolio for theContinue reading “A New (Virtual) Home”