I’m Canadian and British, of half-Japanese, half-British descent. I was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, have called the UK home for over a decade, though have also enjoyed living for short stints in Qatar and Singapore.

I am a FIAP award-winning photographer and have been honoured to work for a variety of interesting clients including The Aga Khan Development Network and The Emir of Qatar, as well as have my photos used by well-known publications including Time Out and Vanity Fair.

Unfortunately, due to problems with my health, I’m just getting back on my feet after multiple hip surgeries. Rather than jump back into work, because of the wonderfulness of my husband, I am able to focus on getting better, enjoying life, and spending my time exploring all the arts that I love (i.e. thank you, my Nick, for allowing me to live like a starving artist without the starving!)

Although I set up this site as a blog while we were in Singapore, I’ve decided to change the format, to make this less of a blog and more of a gallery of my past and current pursuits. This isn’t to say I’ll never write another blog post, only to disclaim I don’t intend to do so in a regular manner. Also, as I am not currently working, and so am not solely focussed on photography, I expect this site will become more varied than ever it was in all its past incarnations.

Hoping that, as changed as this may be, you’ll still find something on the site to make you smile.

Wishing you all the best,